G is for Green Highlander

This is the Green Highlander, another classic salmon flying with this particular image showing a double hook. The original example was created by a Mr Grant of Wester, Elchies in the later part of the nineteenth century.



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C is for Cat’s Whisker

This is an olive Cat’s Whisker which is a rather successful trout fly.


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B is for Butcher

There are Butcher Flya few variation to the Butcher family of fishing flies.

The Butcher fly was created by Messrs Moon and Jewhurst of Tunbridge Wells Kent and was unsurprisingly known as the Moon Fly. In 1838 it’s name was changed to the Butcher fly, after their occupation.

This is what is known as a wet fly, because it goes under the water and is a true success with trout!

The Bloody Butcher, as you might expect from it’s name has much more red and the Kingfisher Butcher has a lovely blue colour, as one might expect from the Kingfisher.

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A is for Ally’s Shrimp

This is the Ally’s Shrimp fly, a popular salmon fly, and named after it’s creator Alistair (Ally) Gowan.  This particular example has a double hook!


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A – Z April Challenge

Over the course of the coming month the Crafty Anglers Tales will be taking part in the April A – Z Blogging Challenge.

Each day a post will be published representing the letters of the alphabet – 1st April is A, 2nd April is B and so forth. The only exception is there is NO post on Sunday!

So stayed tuned!

You can see who else is participating in the A – Z Challenge by visiting the participants lists at www.a-to-zchallenge.com

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A – Z Challenge 2015


Image courtesy of Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

Over the last few years I have observed my wife planning and preparing for her participation in the A-Z Challenge. So this year I decided to join her.

If you want to take part then you can sign up HERE

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Chipex Paint Review


Courtesy of J Goucher 2014

I don’t usually take part in general reviews, but I was given the opportunity to review Chipex and thought I would take the offer.

Sadly the weather was against me. We live in a Victorian house and have no garage, which does mean that when I have the time to do something, the weather is often against me. Therefore the tub of Chipex sat unused for several weeks.

Firstly I should say that I was asked to state which car I had and the colour. Then the package arrived with the specific colour for my car. The packaging was good. As you can see the strong cardboard container arrived without any dents.


Courtesy of J Goucher 2014

Inside the materials for use were neatly packed. The materials were of a good quality and the instructions for using Chipex were clear and concise.

Then just after Christmas, rather timely in fact someone who didn’t leave a note caught our car with a shopping trolley in the car park of a well-known supermarket. At first glance the damage looked dreadful, but after I calmed down and examined it closely the damage was not too great. The sun was out, even though it was cold and after a clean and dry of the affected area of the car I used the chipex to give a smooth finish to the damage.

I should say, that Chipex is marketed for stone chips, and therefore I chose to use the Chipex at my own risk. The results were very good. and yes there is still a faint mark, but it is 90% better than it was.

Here is a video which describes the usage process better than I could.

The Chipex website is HERE and sadly I didn’t remember to take some before and after photos, but I was very impressed with the quality of the product from the minute I opened the package.

We only get one chance to create a good impression and Chipex did it for me.

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Just catching up from the fishing diary. Another fish from Town Parks, this time in the wee hours.
“Caught another Common Carp at 0430 this morning. This one 8lb 11oz. Took a sardine and anchovie boilie with a fluro yellow pop up corn grain. Beauty. Got soaked as it was peeing down. Now the worst part, packing everything away. I hope it stays dry enough so my bivvy drys.”
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Carp – 16lb Personal Best!

Carp - 16lb Personal Best!

Well a new Personal Best for me. A cracking 16 lb Common Carp only I caught it on my very good friends rod whilst he was at the wee shop. A lovely 16lber from Town Parks

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Town Parks, Paignton

Well had a long session from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Caught 1 small bream Fri evening and hooked and lost my first ever Catfish at 02.40 on Sunday morning. It was really pouring down, pitch dark and my first Cat decides to wake meup to get a shower in the rain. If it wasn’t bad enough loosing it, it had taken me long enough to get to sleep, but its true what they say, the Catfish feed better at night. Next time I want one in my net. Can’t wait
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